French Service Aeronautique,
(French Lafayette Escadrille)
World War I, 1914-1918
Each Pilot is listed alphabetically by last name
  Fractional credits are used when a single downing
of an enemy aircraft is credited to more then 1 pilot.
This occurs when a number of pilots are shooting at,
and attacking the same aircraft.
FSA=French Service Aeronautique
RAF=British Royal Flying Corp

USAS=U.S. Air Service
Sous-Lt. Raoul V. Lufbery is
Americas First Ace. Lufbery
flew the Nieuport ll while
flying with N.124 FAS and
is the leading Ace of the
"Lafayette Escadrille"
with 16 victories.
This French made
Nieuport 28 was widey
used by the U.S. Air Service and flown by early aces
Eddie Rickenbacker and
Douglas Campbell.
This picticular aircraft was
Campbell's aircraft.
Word War I Aces

Wartime Rank / Name A-Z Squadron / Group Credits Notes
Sergent Frank L. Baylies SPA.3
Adjudant James A. Connelly SPA.157, SPA.163
Sous-Lt. Gervais R.V. Lufbery N.124
Sous-Lt. Edwin C. Parsons N.124, SPA.3
Sergent David E. Putnam MS.156, SPA.38, 139 USAS