Wilson O'Neal, Museum of Flight and Bonnie Dunbar, Ph.D., President and CEO of the
Museum of Flight.
Two busy Aces, Tex Hill and Art Jeffrey signing just about anything.
Frank and Betty Gailer seem to be enjoying themselves.
Korean double ace Ralph Parr, 10 confirmed. Nine of them Mig 15's.
Larry O'Neil in conversation.   Alden Rigby and Bob Rankin with pens at the ready.  
Marine Ace Archie Donahue (14 confirmed)
with wife Betty.
Steve Ritchie Vietnam Ace.
Hal Fischer, Korean ace, 10 confirmed, all Mig-15's.   Dean Caswell (7 confirmed) and Anna Fowler.
One of our guests this year, 2002 Navy Top Gun Honoree Matt Culp (center), enjoys conversing with our new AFAA President George Chandler and Bob Coats on the right. Norm Mollard, 6 confirmed and holder of the Navy Cross.  
Ace Ken Dahlberg, 14 confirmed.
    Ace Jim Empey started his military
career in North Africa flying Spitfires.
Korean war ace and former two year Thunderbird team member,
Ralph "Hoot" Gibson.
    Busy signing are two other Korean war fighter aces Clyde Curtin and Charles Cleveland.
Matt Culp, Archie Donahue, Dean Caswell and our other guest, '02
top gun Todd Homan.
  Our banquet speaker....
Brig. Gen. Robert McDermott.
  Art Jeffrey accepts gift from Gloria Clinton.