Arab-Israeli War 1948,
Aces Lists by Conflict

One Pilot listed alphabetically by last name
  Fractional credits are used when a single downing
of an enemy aircraft is credited to more then 1 pilot.
This occurs when a number of pilots are shooting at,
and attacking the same aircraft.
Rudolph (Rudy) Augarten enlisted in the U.S. army, transferring to the Army Air Forces in January 1942.
Flying a P-47 with the 403rd Fighter Squadron, 371st Fighter Group downed two Me-109s. Augarten offered his services to Israel when the
war in the middle east broke out and flew a Czech-built derivative of the German Me-109. Within a number of weeks, Augarten shot down an Egyptian Dakota transport and 3 Egyptian spitfires. One of these events is depicted in a painting (above) "Strange Encounter"
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Wartime Rank/Name Squadron/Group Credits Notes
Rudolph Augarten
406/371 USAF, 101IAF